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Chinchilla Genetic

Before you read this document, we reccommand you go to Chinchilla Color Mutation first so you will have a basic knowledge of chins color since this page will only concentrate on their Fur Color.

It is very important for all chin owner to know what offspring will a pair produce before breeding the animals. In general, White, Beige, and Black Velvet are classified as incompletely dominate mutations. Which means, when these color mutants bred to Standard, half of them will be the same color as the mutant parents, either White, Beige or Black, and half of the offspring will be Standard.

Keep in mind that all the combinations in this page are explain through THEORY ONLY! If you recently breeding a White to a Standard, don't always expect to get a White in one or two litters. It may take several litters to get the color you want. We once heard that a Beige male did not produce a single Beige in 8 litters.

We try our best to provide as much combination as we know. Hope you can find these useful.




[Black Velvet]

[Brown Velvet]