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Mandy's Chinchilla House ++ Welcome ! ++

This is a page dedicated to pet chinchilla

* * * Chinchilla House * * *

Hi everyone!!  My name is Mandy....June 2000, I changed the layout of my page again, it's a bit too girlish but I hope all of you like it :)
This page is all about PET CHINCHILLA so if you like chinchilla, this is your page too :)
Very last thing, I am not good at English so please bear with me :pp

Relax and Enjoy ^_^

My Chinchilla
Their Babies
Picture Gallery
Yellow Page
Color Mutants
Clip Board
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Last Updated: October 28, 2001

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This is a separate homepage for all chin owners!!

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Come and meet chin owners from all over the world!!
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