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Chinchilla Genetic - Standard Grey

Standard can bred to any color mutants. When two standards mated, they will give you 100% standard. When standard bred to mutants, let say White, what you can get is a 50% chance of white and the others are standards.

When Standard bred to Pink White, you will then need to break down the color involved in the parents. Pink White is a offspring from a White and Beige, so if we breed one with a standard, there will be four combinations.

For more complex case like breeding a standard to a brown velvet/white cross, you will need to break down all the color from brown velvet (standard, beige, black velvet) and white. Including all the possible combinations of white mate to standard, beige and black velvet.

Standard & Standard
Standard 100%
Standard & White
Standard 50%
Wilson White 50%
Standard & Hetero Beige
Standard 50%
Hetero Beige 50%
Standard & Black Velvet
Standard 50%
Black Velvet 50%
Standard & Pink White
Standard 25%
White 25%
Hetero Beige 25%
Pink White 25%
Standard & Black/White cross
Standard 12.5%
White 12.5%
Hetero Beige 12.5%
Black Velvet 12.5%
Pink White 12.5%
Brown Velvet 12.5%
Black Velvet / White cross 12.5%
Brown Velvet / White cross 12.5%