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Chinchilla Genetic - Violet

We heard of some other chin owners saying that Violet is tend to be more calm. They mostly have nice characteristics and nice tamperment. We don't know it is true or not but at least it is true to ours two. And they are smaller in term of size of chinchillas. Well the cheapest way to get a Violet is to have a Violet bred against a carrier. There is no rule for which color mutants being the best carrier. But if you want a very nice deep purple, you will most likely to have a Black Velvet carrier. Then it makes sense that if you want a light purple, get a White carrier. If you decided to have a Standard carrier which is as common, then the lighter the Grey carrier the lighter the Violet coat. And if the carrier is a very dark grey animal, then the offspring will be more like deep and nice purple Violet...make sense?

The only pair which will give you a 100% Violet kit is a pair of Violet.

We heard the newest Violet section is a Violet with a violet belly instead of a clean belly. We are not sure it's true or not but somehow is possible when the breeder get a Ebony with Violet carrier and breed against a Violet. It will take several generation but it's possible and which already go far beyond our area anyway. What we know is true that when Ebony bred with Violet, there will only be Standard carriers.

Violet & Standard (Violet carrier)
Standard 50%
Standard (Violet carrier) 25%
Violet 25%
Violet & Violet
Violet 100%
Violet & Ebony (hetero)
Standard (Violet carrier) 50%
Standard (ebony carrier) 50%