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Chinchilla Genetic - Ebony

Ebony is a recessive mutant. Which is you must have two recessive genes being present. When there is only one recessive gene in a chin, the chin is consider to be an Ebony carrier. The evidence of an Ebony carrier is that it have a black belly instead of white. One way to have an Ebony is to bred two recessive carrier against each other.

Another way to get Ebony is to let an Ebony bred with another color mutants.

When you breed an Ebony to other color such as Beige, another color mutant, Tan or Brown Ebony, will be produce. Tan is a color mutants coat with Beige to dark brown color over its entire body including its belly.

Ebony, as a recessive mutants, will only produce you Standard when breeding with another recessive mutants such as Alfro Violet, Sapphire or Pastel. All the Standards they produce will either be a carrier of an Ebony gene or Violet (same as Sapphire, Charcoal or Pastel) gene which the fur color will not be visible.

Most people breed Hetero Ebony against Hetero Ebony for one reason: they want to get a dominant ebony whcih we so-called Homo Ebony. Same as Homo Beige, they are much valuable because the word "Homo" means there are two dominate genes being present in the animal and so it will not give people any Standard. Homo Ebony being so valuable because they will not produce Standard Kits just like Home Beige.

Standard (Ebony carrier) & Standard (Ebony carrier)
Standard (Ebony carrier) 50%
Standard 25%
Hetero Ebony 25%
Hetero Ebony & Standard
Hetero Ebony 50%
Standard (Ebony carrier) 50%
Hetero Ebony & Hetero Beige
Hetero Ebony 25%
Hetero Beige 25%
Tan 25%
Standard 25%
Hetero Ebony & Alfro Violet
Standard (Ebony carrier) 50%
Standard (Violet carrier) 50%
Hetero Ebony & Hetero Ebony
Hetero Ebony 50%
Homo Ebony 25%
Standard 25%
Homo Ebony & Standard
Hetero Ebony 100%
Homo Ebony & Homo Beige
Tan (brown ebony) 100%
Homo Ebony & Pink White
Hetero Ebony 50%
Pink White 50%
Tan 50%
White 50%
Homo Ebony & Sapphire
Hetero Ebony (Sapphire carrier) 100%