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Chinchilla Genetic - Black Velvet

It is very important to know that Black Velvet cannot breed with another Black Velvet because of lethal factor. You may expect no offspring from this pair. Moreover, since Brown Velvet also having a black velvet gene, they also should not be bred against Brown Velvet.

Any other mutants containing a Black Velvet gene should not be bred to Black Velvet, such as brown velvet/white cross. It will also have the 25% possibilities to be no baby. Other than that, black velvet can cross with other color mutant successfully.

Black Velvet & Black Velvet
Black Velvet 50%
Standard 25%
Fatal 25%
Black Velvet & Brown Velvet
Black Velvet 25%
Brown Velvet 25%
Fatal 25%
Beige 12.5%
Standard 12.5%
Black Velvet & White
Standard 25%
White 25%
Black Velvet 25%
Black Velvet / White cross 25%
Combine the above two...
Black Velvet & Pink White
Black Velvet 12.5%
Pink White 12.5%
Brown Velvet 12.5%
White 12.5%
Hetero Beige 12.5%
Standard 12.5%
Black Velvet / White cross 12.5%
Brown Velvet / White cross 12.5%