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Picture Gallery IV


chin47.jpg chin47.jpg

Baby No. 2 here inside a little cup ^o^
chin48.jpg chin48.jpg

Baby No. 9 (Pui-Yee), one week old.
chin49.jpg chin49.jpg

Bei: Hey give me that raisin in your hand!!
Me: =p
chin51.jpg chin51.jpg

Baby No. 4, 3 months old
chin52.jpg chin52.jpg

Baby No. 5 have a very beautiful deep purple fur color.
chin53.jpg chin53.jpg

Me: Sit..^_^
Zig: Chinchilla doesn't sit! Let go!
Me: I will give you raisin...^_^
Zig:, I stay...*pout*
chin54.jpg chin54.jpg

Zig during his free run time.  He will go back when he get tired. Tamed but naughty chin.
chin55.jpg chin55.jpg

Bei: Me more cute.
Bei Jr. : Me more
Me: Both are cute!!^_^
chin56.jpg chin56.jpg

Baby No. 4. Babies love to seek hiding place and they love to hide. Not because they are scare but just their habit of doing it.
chin57.jpg chin57.jpg

Baby No. 7 playing with a pine wood which is no harm for chins.
chin59.jpg chin59.jpg

Baby No. 1, one month old, so she is being offer her first ever raisin!! She will love it!!
chin60.jpg chin60.jpg

Pui-Yee: Anything I can eat?
Me: Didn't I always give you enough to eat? -_-;;
chin61.jpg chin61.jpg

No, 6, 7, and 8 ^_^
chin62.jpg chin62.jpg

Baby No. 7, having her first raisin in her life!! (definitely not the last =p). One month old.
chin65.jpg chin65.jpg

Hum.....If I am right, she should be Bei Jr.....^_^;;
chin66.jpg chin66.jpg

The little girl - Pui-Yee is sleeping on top of her father - BoBo, which she always love to do that.
chin67.jpg chin67.jpg

Our baby gang! From left to right: No. 4, 5, 6, 9 and 2 ^_^

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