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Picture Gallery III


chin30.jpg chin30.jpg

Pui: Heheh...I am hiding :p
Me: Where is she....@_@
chin31.jpg chin31.jpg

Pui: Ok, I will stay still, hurry up!!
Me: Okie dokie...4 months old, small enough to put her inside a little bag ^o^
Pui: I said hurry up human!
chin32.jpg chin32.jpg

BoBo: I am going to step on the white house...
Me: Waaaii....our 3D puzzles...
chin33.jpg chin33.jpg

Pui: ......okay, bye!
Me: Ah.............||||
chin34.jpg chin34.jpg

BoBo: Nice view here.....
Me: Yea.....
BoBo: Where is my raisin?
Me: ......
chin35.jpg chin35.jpg

Bei: zzzzzzzz....
chin36.jpg chin36.jpg

Bei: Free run?
Me: *nod* ^_^
Bei: Raisin?
Me: *shake head* -_-;;
chin37.jpg chin37.jpg

Pui: Who made this house?
Me: Me!!^o^
Pui: This is a very crappy house!!
Me: ....T_T
chin38.jpg chin38.jpg

Mommy Mommy.....

Zig and Didi's first son (1 day old) on the left and ChungChung and Faye's first daughter (2 days old) on the right.
chin39.jpg chin39.jpg

Bui and Depi's first litter.  Two daughters violets.
chin40.jpg chin40.jpg

Little free run for the babies.  Baby No. 1 in the front and No. 4 following her.  Both of them are female.
chin41a.jpg chin41a.jpg

Baby No. 6, half an hour old
chin41b.jpg chin41b.jpg

Baby No. 7 (Bei Jr.), half an hour old
chin41c.jpg chin41c.jpg

Bay No. 8, half an hour old
chin42.jpg chin42.jpg

Baby No. 5, No. 1 & No. 2 at the back ^_^
chin43.jpg chin43.jpg

Babies: Free run free run~......Mommy?
chin44.jpg chin44.jpg

Baby No. 5 is Bui and Depi youngest daughter. She is now having a little rest during her little free run.
chin45.jpg chin45.jpg

No. 5 here waiting to be hand feed by us (Depi is not providing enough milk for the kits)
chin46.jpg chin46.jpg

Our baby gang! All 8 of them together.

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