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Picture Gallery II


chin15.jpg chin15.jpg

Zig: Good stuff....
Me: Up...Up...Up...
chin16.jpg chin16.jpg

Zig: Good stuff....
Me: You like hay don't you little furball~
Zig: I am not a furball I am a cute furball...
chin17.jpg chin17.jpg

GumGum: My first ever free run....
My: We want to give you a free runn earlier but you first have to get use to your new environment, right ^^
GumGum: Grrrrrrr.......... *pissed off*
chin18b.jpg chin18b.jpg

Zig: Give me raisin, I saw it, give it to me. NOW!!
Me: Haha~~^o^~~
chin20.jpg chin20.jpg

Bei: I am a chinchilla, I should leave my teethmark on everything I can get my teeth on!!
Me: ...............|||||||||||
chin21.jpg chin21.jpg

Bui: I like to sniff everything....*sniff sniff*
Me: He is a nice guy, he doesn't like to be touch however, he is very gentle.
Bui: Don't touch me!! *frowns*
chin29.jpg chin29.jpg

Bui: Here I am, I am a gentleman, I don't rush.
Me: He is one of the most quite guy ^_^
chin22.jpg chin22.jpg

Bei: Me six months old...
Me: But you still act like a baby :)
chin23.jpg chin23.jpg

DiDi: I am pregnant, but I still jump around having fun like I don't care!
Me: ^_^;;; This is her first litter woo hoo ^o^
chin24.jpg chin24.jpg

Bei: Free run? Rock on...
Me: Yea...go crazy...^_^;;;;
chin26.jpg chin26.jpg

Bei: Oh, camera *stay*
Me: Good girl!^o^
chin25.jpg chin25.jpg

Depi: Huh?
Me: Depi is Bui's mate, she has a deeper violet color coat and smaller in size.
Depi: *runs away*
Me: .....she is a bit nervous by the way...^^;;
chin27.jpg chin27.jpg

Bui&Depi: *love love*
Me: The like to sleep like this ^o^~~
chin28.jpg chin28.jpg

GumGum: Grrrrrr.....+++
Me: It's so hard to take a good picture of you...T_T

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