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Picture Gallery I


chin02.jpg chin02.jpg

Me: Ok, stay still Zig~ ^o^
Zig: You guys think I look cute this way? *pout*
Me: Kya~~so cute~~~
Zig: .....ok.....*pissed off*
chin03.jpg chin03.jpg

Pui: Ok, this is the first day I come to this house, I am going to show off my ability to jump down from a little box.
Me: Look, she is jumping!!!
Pui: Easy job *smirks*
chin04.jpg chin04.jpg

Zig: Just what is that thing on my head?
Me: A mouse pad protector, to protect the mouse pad from dust.
Zig: I am not a mouse pad!
Me: It's ok, it just look cute on you ^o^
Zig: I don't understand humans....||||
chin05.jpg chin05.jpg

Zig: I am walking down a stair I am walking down a stair~~ *bouncing*
Me: Haha~~Be careful, don't fall down~^_^
Zig: This is FUN!
chin06.jpg chin06.jpg

DiDi: So you want to catch me huh?
Me: ......!!!
DiDi: Now come and get me, human! *smirks*
Me: .....You won....||||
chin07.jpg chin07.jpg

Zig: zzzzzzzzz...
Me: ah~~~sleeping inside the wheel soooo cute!!!
chin08.jpg chin08.jpg

Bei: first free run...
Me: Don't be shy, Bei ^_^
chin10.jpg chin10.jpg

Bei: eh..? How can I end up here?
Me: ....You climbed...
chin11.jpg chin11.jpg

Pui: Free run~~Free run~~~Yay~~
Me: ^_^;;
chin12.jpg chin12.jpg

ChungChung: Who is this new guy?
Bei: My name is Bei and I am not a guy!
ChungChung: Hum....cute girl... *bounces up and down*
Me: You have Faye already ChungChung ^_^;;
chin13.jpg chin13.jpg

ChungChung: Apple~~Yummy~~
Bei: I want some too....
Me: Yes, let's share together ^_^
chin14.jpg chin14.jpg

ChungChung: All mine!!!! Bwahahahahah~~~
Me: Hey, you guys, come and eat or ChungChung will finish it all by himself!! ^o^;;

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