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When I first came to my owners home, they thought I am a girl.  Silly!  I am a boy.  And I like raisin.  I mean it.  Everytime my owners pass by, I will stick my nose out of the cage bars and sometimes I will get something from them.  I know if I make them laugh, I will have a sunflower seeds most of the time!  I don't mind being handle only if they give me a raisin in advance.  But I am quiet timid.  My talent is "triple jump".   I use triple jump to jump over the wood fence so I can escape and make my owners a fool chasing me.  I like to play chasing game with them.  HaHa!  Most visitors said that I am the cutiest among the other.  So I don't mind to let them handle...again only if they give me raisin or sunflower seeds ^ ^

I eat hay alot.  I can finish a small dish faster then the others :)

Beside me is my girlfriend - DiDi.   She really took me a long time just to be friend with her.  She is a loner....humm....when will I be a father....?

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