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I am the star of the family.  The most unique thing about me is a black dot appears on my back.  There are two other tiny little grey dot at both side of my body too.  Somebody say that I am a Standard Grey and some say that I am a Silver White.  My paws and legs are white (as you can see in the beautiful picture above), but my entire body is coverd with a very pale grey color coat....I don't know about my parents by the only thing I know is that I am sold as a White price.  So humans conclude that I am a Silver White.  But I don't care.   My owners handle me the most since I am so cute and have a nice tamperment.  I am not a chin who always hunger for raisin like that Zig.  I rather go out of the cage and play.  I know if I stick my nose and "little hands" out of the cage, they will give me a "little free run time". 

Bei eating apple
I love apple.  It taste better than carrot.   I hate carrot.

Bei - 2 1/2 months old
Am I cute?  This picture is taken the first time I came to this home.  I was about 2 1/2 months old.  I lived in a cage by myself until my owners bought me a "dirty" boyfriend...

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