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Hi, my owners call me "ChungChung" a very strange name but I like it though.  It means "little bug" in Chinese.  As you know I am not a bug but a chinchilla.  They saw me in pet store.  I believe they are looking for a chinchilla at that time so when they saw me.  They picked me up and said:"You are cute and nice."  Of course!  So they bought me home and my cages, food, and toys are all ready.  I settle down very quickly.  I don't mind to be handle.  So I think that's why when those human friends come visit us, my owners will let them handling me.  I am very please with my owners but one thing is that why are they just giving a few goodie a day?

ChungChung eating apple
I like apple very much.  But those humans just offer me one or two in occasional basis.  I wonder why they like to watch me eating apple?

ChungChung and Faye
In this picture, I am on the left.  The other one is my girlfriend.  I love her very much.  She miscarraged once but she is now okay.  We are being together since we are both four months old.

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