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My owners call me Faye.  I believe that's the name a famous Hong Kong singer...but whatever, I don't recognize it anyway.  I still remembered one day, a family came to the pet store where I was being sold and bought my partner (ChungChung) home.  Then I was left alone in the cage...I thought I will never see him again.  A few lonely days passed by then those human came again and brought me back to ChungChung.  Seeing my long lost boyfriend I was very excited.  But it took me some time to feel comfortable with this new home.  My owners say I am the naughties one among the others...and try to do all the hard work to pull down the "wood fence" so to let others to escape too.   They always yell "NO" at me when I do that but I pretend depth most of the time.  I know they will not bite me up ^ ^

Sheding Faye
I shed once.  As you can see.....hay, what a bad scanned picture......anyway, if you can, there is a scare at my left side of the body and it extend to the other side.  This scare then slowly move down and disappear a month later.  I am the largest chin in the chinland.

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