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Faye's First Litter (Born July 6th, 98)

Faye's first litter has been deliver at July 6th, 98.   116 days after she had mated. She had one standard girl (call her No. 1 for now) weighted about 50g approx.  She borned in the morning about 9 o'clock.  Faye weighted about 750g during pregency
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Baby No. 1 This morning, we found Faye's first daughter.  She is already clean and dry.  As a first time mother, Faye is doing the best job of a mother ;0)
Baby No. 1 Baby No. 1, about three hours old.
Baby No. 1 Chinchilla babies are very strong.   They are ready to explor their new world as soon as they are borned.
Baby No. 1 Here is No. 2 on the left and No. 1 on the right.  No. 2 is one day younger than No. 1 but much bigger and heavier than her.
Faye - Nursing
Faye - Nursing
Faye nursing her daughter.   Chinchilla mother loves to keep kit underneath to keep them warm and protect them from enermies.  This is their original habitat in the wild especially when they are so small.  But don't worry, most pet chinchilla mother don't mind human picking up their babies.  As soon as you don't play with the kit a very long time because kit need milk very often from moma.
The ChungChung Family The ChungChung Family!  No. 1 three days old.
Baby No. 1 No. 1 a week old.  No. 4 & 5 is already borned and are behind her.
No. 1:  What are you looking at?
Baby No. 1 It become more and more difficult to take them a good pic.....  Ok, don't move!
Baby No. 1 Sleeping with the moma - Faye.  The fatehr- ChungChung - is in the sleeping box.
Baby No. 1 Free run time!  And she is now 3 weeks old.
Baby No. 1 21 days old, weighted almost 100 grams.
Baby No. 1 What are you looking at?
Baby No. 1 She is growing very fast, she is not very handful but very cute.
Baby No. 1 Chinchilla baby make a very good pillow for the mother.
Baby No. 1 One month old.
Baby No. 1 For every baby, we give them their first taste of raisin as soon as they are one month old ;-)
Baby No. 1 Another picture of her enjoying her first raisin.  She knows the meaning of her life finally.  Haha...
Baby No. 1 And another.  Happy one month old.
Chung's Family In this picture, Faye is in the left side at top of ChungChung who is on the right side and the little thing in the middle is No. 1.
Baby No. 1 Haveing a little free run.
Baby No. 1 Two weeks before she go, we separated her from Faye see if she is okay with it.  We also put No.2 with her since they will leave together as a pair.
Baby No. 1 The day before she go.  Almost 4 months old.  Because we want her to stay longer with us (our first baby...) and that's why she leave at this age ^^.
Baby No. 1 Sleeping zzzzzz.....Remember this cage?   Saw it in out ChinCage page?  This cage is only for separation of a single one or for a pair of baby because this cage is too small for two adults.

No. 1 has gone to new home with a family with No. 2.  Her name is Pically.  The daughter named her with a charater from a story I've no idea who she was ^^`` but it's a nice name.

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