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Didi's First Litter (Born July 7th, 98)

Didi's first litter had deliver on July 7th, 98.  Again, 116 days after she had been mated.  She gave birth two kits at 10 o'clock in the morning.   One beige boy and one white mosaic girl.  Unfortunately, the white girl born dead and didn't even move a little after Didi had pull her out.  We buried her in the back yard with several raisins.  She is No. 3 and the beige boy, No. 2, is very healthy and weighted almost 75g. Much bigger and heavier than the others. It's a SUPER BABY!
(Please click on picture to see its full better version)

Baby No. 2 No. 2 is borned in the morning and is still wet when we found him with Didi
Baby No. 2 He is now about half day old and we just want to take him a pic but he turn his back to us...  ; /
Baby No. 2 Baby No. 2.  Two days old. Weighted about 76g.
Didi - Nursing Didi nursing her first son.
No. 2 playing Baby No. 2 just less than a week old, start running on the wheel under our supervise.  We lock the wheel at night to avoid injury.
The Zig Family The Zig Family!  No. 2 one week old.  It's save to put Zig back after three days.
No. 2 & 5 You can see in this pic that No. 2 is much bigger than the others!  The other one is No. 5.
No. 2 playing Three weeks old, weighted about 100 grams.
Free Run A liitle free run with the other 7 kits.  They are very lively.
Baby No. 2 As I said, he is a super baby and he just fit in this cup.
Baby No. 2 Baby No. 2 and "salt egg superman".
Baby No. 2 He grow even more faster than the others.  He is younger than No. 1 (just a day) and is much bigger and much heavier.
Baby No. 2 Chinchilla baby is smart and already know how to judge rather he can jump down or will get hurt..oh, he decided not to jump!
Baby No. 2 No. 2, can resist him.
Baby No. 2 No. 2 and No. 9 side by side so you can compare their size and color.  Both of them are hetero biege.
Baby No. 2 One month old.
Baby No. 2 As every other does, he also can have his first raisin as soon as he is one month old. &nbps;He looks so big.
Baby No. 2 He is like "WOW!" when he got he have his chance to have his first raisin.
Baby No. 2 Having a little free run with the others.
Baby No. 2 & No. 9 No. 2 is on top of No. 9.
Baby No. 2 No. 2 almost two months old.  Two weeks before he left us with No. 1.
Baby No. 2 Having an extra little free run in the afternoon.  HaHa, for us to take some photos ^^``
Zig & Baby No. 2 When I first saw this picture, I thoughy Zig is on top of DiDi but Didi should not be that small...ya, it's actually Baby No. 2 ^^;;;;;

His name is Picolly... very identical to No. 1's name.   He is now the mate of No. 1 as well.

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