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Depi's First Litter (Born July 12th, 98)

Depi's first litter was delivered in the morning of July 12th, 98 at 9 o'clock to 10 o'clock after 115 days of pregency.  When we found her, she already delivered the two babies but still wet.  Both of them are Violet girls weighted approx 48 to 50g.  However, we realized that Depi did not providing enough milk since we sometimes saw the two kits fighting which is not normal for them to fight at this age, so we have to hand feed them occassionaly.
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Baby No. 4 and No. 5 Both babies are wet.  Depi, as a new mother, did not do the cleaning job very well.  We helped her clean one and give another one to Faye and she don't mind drying the kit.  Faye is a very good mother.
Baby No. 4 & 5 Has been dried by us and Faye.   2 hours old.
Baby No. 5 This is No. 5. Not only smaller than No. 4, but also her color. Is a deeper purple compare to No. 4.
Depi - Nursing Depi nursing two kits.  You can see that she, as a mother, not very big in size compare to others although she is almost a year old.  However, we realized that she did not provide enough milk to the two kits............
Hand feeding No. 5 So we need to hand feed them.  It needs a lot of patient.  They rejected by the first 2 to 3 times but got easier each time.  We feed them every 3 hours day and night.
Baby No. 4 & 5 No. 4 and 5, only three days old.
Baby No. 4 & 5 Babies love to seek hiding place such as under the wheel....
Hand Feeding It's really get easier each time when hand feeding them.  But you need alot of patient to let them know this is their meal.  And then they will stay, and wait or you.  If they are full, they will let you know by turning their head away from the spoon.
Baby No. 5 No. 5, a week old now.
Baby No. 4 & 5 Sit on the food dish and start to try to chew on the pellets.  Looks very funny when they sit and just fit in the food dish.
Baby No.5? Hopfully, this is No. 5.   We can't regconize these two kits if they are not beside one another...
Baby No. 4 A sleeping No. 5 after we had hand fed her.  Slept on our lap.
Baby No. 4 & 5 No. 4 and 5, 2 weeks old.   Very beautiful girls arn't they?
Baby No. 5 No. 5 is waiting for her meal after her sister - No. 4 - had finished.
Baby No. 5 And then, after No. 4, it's your turn now little No. 5!!
Baby No. 4 & 5 No. 4 is playing in our bed.
Baby No. 4 & 5 No. 4 is playing with the pine wood shaving which she just pick it up from the litter pan.  Babies love to do that and they look so cute when they are doing that.
Baby No. 5 No. 5 three weeks old.
Baby No. 4 No. 4 three weeks old.
Baby No. 5 We gave the babies free run more frequently because they are more easy to catch and supervise.  This is No. 5.
Baby No. 4 Babies love to hide.  They will make us a fool trying to pick her out and play with her.  When dad and mom is fighting, they will hide there guess they are scare.  If that happen, we take the dad out and calm him down a bit.
Baby No. 5 No. 5 three weeks old already.  Smaller than No. 4 but as strong as her.
Baby No. 4 & 5 No. 5 at the back and yes, they start to look different now so we do not need to compare their fur color to identify who is who.
Baby No. 5 Picture taken during free run.
Baby No. 4 & 5 No. 4 & 5 during free run.  Other babies are around too.
Baby No. 4 & 5 No. 5 chewing on a cardboard.
Baby No. 5 Haha...she is so cute.  Playing in our study room.
Baby No. 4 Opps, 'dirty thing' coming out... let's eat it...hehe..
Baby No. 4 No. 4 has grown up into a beautiful Violet chin.  This picture has darken her color.
Baby No. 5 Humm, let's have a little free run before I leave this home....
Baby No. 5 & 8 Hey take me a picture as well!

Both No. 4 and 5 went to different home with my friends.  No. 4 named Sai-Mui and is now the mate of a Mosaic male.  No. 5 went with No. 6 and 8 together and named FingYun (is another chinese desert name).  We keep touch with their owner to make sure that they are okay and we will always miss them.  Never forget we have to wake up every three hous to feed them milk....^^;;;

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