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Bei's First Litter (Born July 19th, 98)

Bei's first litter was born at July 19th, 98, afternoon at 2:30 to 4:30.  She deliveried 3 healthy kits all weighted at approx 50g.  The 3 kits are all female but have a hard time to determine their color.  During her pergency, she weighted almost 925 gram!
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Baby All three together, just an hour old.  They are borned in the afternoon at 2 to 4.
Baby Isn't that great that you can hold three kits together like this.
Baby No.6 Baby No. 6 is a hetero ebony, just a day old.
Sleeping Baby The good thing of having three is that when they sleep, they are on one another and forming like a big furball.   Extremely cute!
Three Babies And three of them again!   One day old.
Baby No.7 Baby No. 7, second daughter of Bei, having a little free run.
Baby No. 6 No. 6, two days old.  
Three Babies Just as soon as 3 days old, they start to chew on solid food like pellets and very often, they will sit on the food dish and eat.  Looks very funny but will sometimes urinate on the food....
Baby No.6 No.6 is the eldest.   She is the only one we can sure that she is an ebony.  Black all over including her belly.
Baby No.7 No. 7. Looks like an ebony but has a white belly. Her body covered with black fur however...she has a white tail and white paws as well....strange
No. 8 No. 8 is the youngest.   She is even more strange!  She is an ebony (black belly) but have a half white tail and white paws.
Three Babies Three of them again!   Four days old.
No. 7 and 8 No. 8 on the left and No. 7 on the right share a hay cube in harmony.
No. 8 No. 8, almost two weeks old, sleeping.
No. 8 No. 8 is the youngest among the three but not the smallest, No. 7 is much smaller.  So youngest not necessary to be smallest ;-)
Baby No. 7 Now, here come the smallest among the three, she is No. 7, having her free run....she is not an ebony carrier guess she is a hetero ebony/white cross???
No. 8 No. 7 again.  2 weeks old weighted around 75 gram.
No. 7 No. 7 resting.
No. 7 No. 7 again.  having a free run and chewing everything she can pick up and chew.....
No. 6 No. 6, around 4 weeks old.
No. 6 & 8 No. 6 & 8 is going to have their regular free run.
No. 6 No. 6 four weeks old, going to have her free run with her sisters.
No. 7 No. 7, four weeks old going to have her free run as well.
No. 6 No. 6, one month old having her first taste of raisin.
No. 7 No. 7, one month old having her first taste of raisin.  She have the cuttest look of eating her first raisin.  First she is falling asleep and then suddently she opened her eyes when she taste the raisin.
No. 7 No. 7 again.
No. 8 No. 8, one month old having her first raisin as well....she reject it at the first few times.
No. 7 & 8 In this picture, No 7 is on the left.... no, is on the right....but it looks like.......
No. 7 No. 7, we now call her Bei jr..she will stay with us.  We are going to keep her with Pui-Yee.
No. 6, 7 & 8 Three sleeping beauties ^^
No. 6, 7 & 8 Three Sleeping Beauties Again! ^^``
Gum's Family GumGum and his three loving daughters.
No. 8 This is No. 8 for sure ^^;  She is now 3 months of age.
No. 7 Bei jr. as her name implied, she looks like Bei!  Isn't she? *0*
No. 6 This picture taken before she leave us.  3 1/2 months old
No. 7 & 8 This picture taken 1 month after they have left us.  My friend is kind enough to bring them visit us.  This is one of the picture we had taken Oct 29, 98.

No. 6 and 8 left us with No. 5 at Oct 11, 98.  They are now with one of my friend and I am sure they all doing fine there since we keep in touch with each other.  And since we are living quiet close so we can visit them more often and my friend also bring them to visit us sometimes ^^.  No. 6 is called Lung-Fen and No. 8 is called Ai-Yu.  These names came from Chinese desert.  Very cute.

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