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Many people ask us about the background music. They're soft, cute, pretty, and here you go. Please pick one, site back, relax, and enjoy ^ ^
















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Date Link Updated Content
06/01/99 Quick Link Top Story: Depi had delivered her second litter ^0^
06/01/99 Quick Link ChinFriend Club Updated!  New pictures!
28/12/98 Quick Link Baby pages updated.  No. 12, 13 & 14!
22/12/98 Quick Link Baby pages updated.  More pics for new babies soon.
21/12/98 Quick Link Updated pictures of BoBo, Bei Jr. and Pui-Yee.
21/12/98 Quick Link Top Story: Three Babies!  Two Pink White and one Standard.

Take some time to take our fun [ChinSurvey Version 2].  Purpose is to estimate how people do to or think of their chins.  And the result is [right here].

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