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Last updated at 13/02/2000
visitors since 16/07/98.

ChinFriend Club  Two more members!!! =)[Last updated at 13/02/2000]

ChinFriend Club  I had finally updated ChinFriend Club......New layout as well....hope all of you like it =)[Last updated at 4/02/2000]

Their Babies  HOW LONG I HAVEN'T BEEN UPDATED??!!ALMOST A YEAR!!ON MY GOD!!...So, finally, here you go, I had just updated the baby page....very minor updates for NO. 12 & 13 & 14. Please check back the next day for more..Thank You =)[Last updated at 21/01/2000]

ChinDiary  Top story: New babies born!!!!  It's a boy and girl!![Last updated at 06/01/99]

ChinFriend  New members!   [Last updated at 06/01/99]

Their Babies  Baby pages updated!  Updates for No. 12, 13 &14.   [Last updated at 28/12/98]

Their Babies  Baby pages updated!  No. 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, and 14.  More pictures of No. 12, 13 and 14 will be up soon as well.   [Last updated at 22/12/98]

Introducing Our Chinchillas  New pictures added at BoBo, Bei Jr and Pui-Yee.   [Last updated at 21/12/98]

ChinDiary  Top story: New baby born!!!!  It's a girl!![Last updated at 15/12/98]

ChinDiary  Top story: Zig has been separated from Didi ready for her to deliver her second litter!   [Last updated at 06/12/98]

Their Babies  Baby No. 1 and 2 has been updated.  Finally statement for No. 9 and will update the Our Chinchillas page soon.....ya soon...   [Last updated at 27/11/98]

ChinDiary  Escaping Master - Chinchillas!!!   [Last updated at 27/11/98]

Their Babies  Pictures of Baby No. 11 has been added.  Baby No. 6, 7 & 8 has been updated as well.  Other baby pages will be updated next time I update this page....soon.   [Last updated at 14/11/97]

ChinCages  New pictures added.  New cages and bathing tub.   [Last updated at 14/11/97]

ChinFriend  New members!   [Last updated at 07/11/98]

ChinDiary  See any recent updated news for my chins.   [Last updated at 07/11/98]

Picture Gallery  More pictures in picture gallery.  We added in Picture Gallery IV.   [Last updated at 10/10/98]

ChinLink  New cool link added!  We also delete those links which never updated and with no information on chins.....   [Last updated at 10/10/98]

ChinDiary  See any recent updated news for my chins.   [Last updated at 07/10/98]

ChinStuff  New product for you to choose.  [Last updated at 02/10/98]

ChinDiary  See any recent updated news for my chins.   [Last updated at 02/10/98]

ChinFriend  New members!   [Last updated at 01/10/98]

Their Babies  They are no longer baby!!  Go check their most updated pictures.  More pictures will be added soon since I got more recent pictures put not yet posted...   [Last updated at 01/10/98]

ChinFriend  More and more!  Please come in and check it out.  If you have pet chinchilla, send us their pictures as much as you want and we will put them up as soon as possible.   [Last updated at 06/09/98]

ChinSurvey  New version 2 with more questions added.  If you have already filled in the survey before, please just filled in the new question.  I will updated the other 100 results I already received....sorry   [Last updated at 11/08/98]

ChinLink  New cool link added!  We also delete those links which never updated and with no information on chins.....   [Last updated at 11/08/98]

ChinFriend  More and more!  Please come in and check it out.  If you have pet chinchilla, send us their pictures as much as you want and we will put them up as soon as possible.   [Last updated at 09/08/98]

Their Babies  The babies are growing very fast.  They are so cute that we couldn't resist taking more and more pictures from them. &nbps; [Last updated at 06/08/98]

Picture Gallery  More pictures in picture gallery.  So, new page added which is Picture Gallery IV.   [Last updated at 06/08/98]

ChinBook  New topics added.  Breeding Chinchillas.  We planed to add more in the near future....especially the sickness one, we think we better update it asap.  That page has been 'ignored' since this site is built...   [Last updated at 04/08/98]

ChinFriend  New member!    [Last updated at 02/08/98]

ChinStuff  New products I found in some pet supply and equipment company.  Thanks for SBS company providing the pictures.    [Last updated at 02/08/98]

ChinDiary&nbps; Pui's diarrhea has been heal.  Give her a hug!!;-)   [Last updated at 02/08/98]

Picture Gallery  More pictures in Picture Gallery III.  Most of them are babies pictures.  Hehehe.   [Last updated at 25/07/98]

Their Babies  More babies!!!  And more cute and beautiful pictures!!!!   [Last updated at 25/07/98]

ChinFriend  Four more members!  Thank you for joining.   [Last updated at 25/07/98]

ChinDiary  More babies!!  Our only sick chin, and always our only sick chin, gave birth to a healthy kit!  She suprise us!  She weighted just 425 and is lossing weight during pregency but still having the baby.......   [Last updated at 22/07/98]

ChinDiary  Babies again!!!  So within this two weeks, we have 7 kits in total.  Bei has 3.  Pictures will post soon in our baby page.   [Last updated at 19/07/98]

Their Babies  Pictures updated!  Bui and Depi's kits are also here now.  Picture Gallery will be updated soon as I have time to do it....   [Last updated at 17/07/98]

ChinDiary  All the babies are fine except No. 4 and 5.  They do not have enough milk.....Also, Pui had a big problem as well.    [Last updated at 17/07/98]

ChinDiary  This week is a very exciting week, Depi had delivered her first litter this morning!  Pictures will post as I update the No.1 & No. 2's page with more recent pictures.   [Last updated at 12/07/98]

ChinDiary  It's so much fun playing and watching the babies everyday because something had changed everyday. Stay close, more babies may come this month!.....We hope   [Last updated at 10/07/98]

ChinFriend Club  New member!  If you are interest, please send you pic and information in, and we will put them up asap.   [Last updated at 10/07/98]

Their Babies  The pics are up now. Go check it out plesea. Only day one pictures but we will add more as they are growing up.   [Last updated at 09/07/98]

ChinCages  We got the picture scan and now the picture which is not available at the beginning is now available.  That's how we separate mom and dad outside of the chinland.   [Last updated at 09/07/98]

Color Mutations  More pictures added.   [Last updated at 07/07/98]

ChinDiary  Didi after Faye, delivered her litter. Her delivery date is July 2nd so 5 days late, same as Faye, Faye's delivery date was July 1st and she delivered yesterday....but one baby came out dead. She is a white baby girl :-( Pictures will post as soon as we got those scan.   [Last updated at 07/07/98]

ChinDiary  Yeah~~~!  Our first litter! Not Bei and not Didi, it's our Faye?!! We did count on her delivery date but had thought that she did not pregnant because she only weighted about 730g.  But she did it!   [Last updated at 06/07/98]

ChinMessage  This bulletin board is set up for people who have question, comment or anything they would like to post related to pet chinchilla or our site.  We will check this board everyday or two so feel free to post your message.   [Last updated at 04/07/98]

ChinCages  This page has not been updated a very long time and we changed a lot of things there. Totally reconsturcted if you would. More pictures added as well.   [Last updated at 02/07/98]

Fun Pictures  This section had disappeared sometime in the last two months. It should be a secert section in our "frame version" if someone could remember. But its open now so feel free to come in and take a look.   [Last updated at 28/06/98]

Picture Gallery  See, I promised (refer to last updated). More pictures in our Picture Gallery! They are loading very fast so please enjoy.   [Last updated at 27/06/98]

ChinMonologue  We finally got some good pictures taken from BoBo and Pui so it's time for them to appear in our ChinMonologue. Alert, more pictures will come soon in our Picture Gallery II. ;-)   [Last updated at 25/06/98]

ChinDiary  As you has know in the "count down" in the index page, our DiDi is going to deliver! See what's up about her in the ChinDiary.   [Last updated at 25/06/98]

ChinFriend Club  More pictures! Sorry for the delay but since we are so busy in the past few weeks, we are putting altogether right now. We are going to update this page in this few days as well. If you are interest in joining this fun club, please email us.   [Last updated at 25/06/98]

ChinDiary  Two records in a roll;-) We left this for a while and now here you go. We still cannot figure out why and how BoBo grab off his fur. His skin is smooth and nothing violet there. humm...   [Last updated at 18/06/98]

ChinSurvey Result  A month ago we already had collected 50 samples of the our ChinSurvey. And we finally have time to gather all the datas and present them to you. Since now, we will update the result in every 50 samples. So check back the updated version.   [Last updated at 05/06/98]

ChinDiary  Pui was sick :( See what happen to her.[Last updated at 12/05/98]

ChinLand  Previous visiotr will noticed that the old background are gone;) We added a new java which the background image and test etc will change as day pass...i.e. Sunday's background is different from Monday's background and Monday's background and different from Tuesday's background..and so on.   [Last updated at 08/05/98]

ChinStuff  New pretty music added on this page. Thanks for my friend providing his lovely music for our site. Hope you like it.   [Last updated at 08/05/98]

ChinSurvey  New page again!!!!! This is a survey for all chin owners. The purpose of this is to average out how people do to and think of their chinnie. Result will post soon.   [Last updated at 03/04/98]

ChinDiary  This page is always updated because our chins make joke everydays...;) But injuries is not a joke. BoBo's right leg has been bitten by Faye and that day was Fay's birthday.   [Last updated at 30/04/98]

ChinTest  New page!! Please come in and take a look. Is to test your knowledge of chinchilla. It's simple. Just a few clicks!   [Last updated at 29/04/98]

ChinDiary  BoBo's nose area is getting worse. We do not think it is a fugus problem however...and a little Java Script has been a time message, hope you like it ; )   [Last updated at 27/04/98]

ChinLinks  A new chin-related web site is added! Go and check it out.   [Last updated at 23/04/98]

Pet Planet Award  Webmasters, come and join if you have a pet related web site! Or as you will know a new java added on the index page.   [Last updated at 23/04/98]

Our Chinchillas  One nice person emailed me that there is a picture in this page has gone for a while....What? It's true! Don't worry it's there now.   [Last updated at 21/04/98]

ChinStuff  This is a new page which can provide any suggestions for new owners what can buy for their pet.   [Last updated at 21/04/98]

ChinDiary  See what happen to our nauty Zig   [Last updated at 15/04/98]

ChinFriends  A very cute male chin had joined! Come in and determine what his color is ;-)   [Last updated at 15/04/98]

Chindiary  Bui's whiskers used to be very long but....   [Last updated at 12/04/98]

ChinDiary  We believed BoBo is a Pure White chin but he grow two pale gray spot on both side of his body...   [Last updated at 06/04/98]

Our Chinchilla  Two newcomers!! BoBo and Pui and they are both up here now. (We should put them up early this week...)   [Last updated at 30/03/98]

ChinLink  The reconstruction of our ChinLink page would give you more great web site out there...and more attractive instead ;)   [Last updated at 25/03/98]

Chinchilla Monologue  It was veeeeery long...but finally we put our GumGum's Monologue up..but remember 'late' doesn't me we don't like him as much as the others!   [Last updated at 18/03/98]