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Last updated at 23/04/98

If you would like to be add on this ChinLinks, please send us your URL, homepage title, the author's full name, a very brief destription (no more than 130 words please), and (if available) please attach a GIF or JPEG file of your site's logo via email.  The only rule is it must be a Chinchilla related site.  Also, if you had found any changes on the links below or any dead links, please notify us as well.  Thank You.  Enjoy your travel ; )

Chinchilla Related Links (English)

Author:  Rene Herkins
The chinnest site on earth.  It is a page which links all the chin owners from all over the world.  All chin owners MUST visit this site.

The Chin ICQ List
Author:  Micke Holmgren
Chin ICQ List offers chin owners and others with chinchillas as their main interest to contact each other via ICQ. If you have ICQ, please feel free to add on the list.

Chinchilla World
Author:  Elissa Lorene Powers
Chinchilla World: a continuously growing site dedicated to the truth about domestic chinchillas as pets.

Chinchilla Online
Author:  Johan Tina
A nice web site with facts, pictures and chinchilla sounds.   This web site is still under constructions however.  It also contains a feedback page.

Our Darling Chinchillas - ChinToons
Author:  Herika Rehme
A very cute, creative and educated chinchilla web site.  This site has chintoons and pictures.  It's also been updated very often.  The chintoons wich make the ChinNet come to live are come from here.

Grinnin' Chin
Author:  Sandra Maceachern and Paul Robicheau
A small scale breeder of pet chinchillas who are striving to increase the variation and quality of our small herd.  They also have adaptable chin and willing to ship world wide.

The Chinchilla Web
Author:  Terje Nyg
A web site with lots of chinchilla pictures, information about chinchilla, facts and so on.

Cleveland Chinchilla Connection
Author:  Will LaRiccia and Jeff Williams
Very rich information on chinchilla with lots of pictures on their pets.  This web site also has some adoptable chinchillas for sale with reasonable price.

Crystal Chinchillas Belgium
Author:  R.C van der Woning
International Chinchilla Breeder's page.  Have lots of information and hints on breeding chins.  Special pictures of the process of delivering kits.

The etc-etc Homepage
Author:  Charles Larsen & Ingrid Ely
Wealthy web site dedicated to pet chinchillas.  Everyone is welcome to send their chin pics there.  Specialized ChinGifts page and a personal chin ad page.

Noah's Exotic and the site on The etc-etc Homepage
Author:  Steve and Carrie Sawyer
Specialized in top quality pet.  The prices are little bit high but resonable and changable.  After selling support are avaliable.  Our GumGum came from here!

Vally View Chinchilla Ranch
Author:  Jim and Lurlie Adams
A very high reputation of this ranch.   The relatively low price is one of the reason why.  After selling supports are avaliable.   Specialized in top quality and tamed pet chinchillas.

Chinchilla Related Links (Chinese)

International Pet Chinchilla Association
Author:  Kenneth Wong
A non-profit organization of pet chinchilla in Hong Kong.  The first chinchilla was introduced in the year of 1995 and now very popular in Hong Kong.   Recently have more than 1,000 members.

Chinchilla Care Sheet
Author:  Kenneth Wong
Any aspects about pet chinchilla including breeding, living, housing, playing, grooming and so on.  This is the second version updated.

Chinchilla Etc. Pet Shop
Author:  Kenneth Wong
This is the largest chain in Hong Kong specialized in healthy pet.   The price of chins are very high but it's reasonable in Hong Kong.

High Beam Chinchilla District
Author:  Mag Chan
Pictures with chinchilla facts.  Detail on chinchilla foods, history, living environment and others...

Chinchilla Related Links (Japanese)

Malmoe's Homepage
Author:  Ms. Koharu
Malmoe is the name of the chinchilla.  This is a page with the introduction of Malmoe and other personal interest and links.

Koo Fun no Ru Tsubo
Author:  Yonboo
All kinds of exotics animals with pictures focusing only on their mouth.  You will not see the whole animal but their mouth...including guinea pig, hamster, dog, chinchillas and so on.  Also include a brief intro. of the animal.

Chinchilla Room
Author:  Yoko Yamada
Beautiful chinchilla web site with cute illustrations drawn by her.   A little about chinchilla facts but with lots of cute pictures.  The illustrations are updated periodically.

Chinchilla House
Author:  SBS Corporation
A profit organization web site with wealthy of chinchilla facts and FAQ.  They sell chinchillas and chin stuff.  Their price is reasonable in Japan and they are mostly imported chin.  They except member but probably only for Japanese people.

Web Design Related Links

Author:  Shitano Mami
A Japanese web site with beautiful icons, wallpapers, line, gif animations, and very beautiful graphic very useful for creating a lively web site.   It's free.

Emi's Wallpapers
Author:  Emi
All kinds of wallpapers including insect, woman, seasons, flowers, romance and so on.  This page update very often and it's free for download.

2Cool Animations
Author:  Bill
A very wealthy source of web graphic GIF animations.  A very large collections and it's also free for download but all he aske for is a link back to his page.

My Favorite Links

Fies of View's Dream Island
Author:  Kureba
A famous Japan music group.  This page is always update for any news of Field of View.  A very detail information of introducing the members and pictures.  News are always updated.

Rock'ed for 10 years!
Author:  Unknown
A web site design for Beyond.  Photo Albums and new release.   Also the hottest and newest songs of Beyond are avaliable.


Beyond Asia
Author:  LingLing
The most (?) wealthy web site about Beyond the music band.  Not only pictures and all new release but all other Beyond related stuffs we found it is very interesting.

Yes!  Netzine
Author:  Yes!
The best web site for youth.  This heavry graphic web site include Horoscope, physcology test, idol base and pictures, etc,.  They except members world wide but it's not free.

Culture Com
Author:  Culture Com
One of the largest Chinese comics coporation in Hong Kong.  New release, book introduction etc.