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Last updated at 09/03/98


Before deciding to buy a chinchilla, there are several things you needed to be consider:

If you agree and match the condition listed above, you are ready to have this amazing lovely furball to live with you.

If you want to keep a chin, it doesnít matter for you to keep them in single or in pair or in colonies. Some chins appear to be a loner and some chins donít. If you want to keep a chin singly, sex is not important. Since female usually keep for breeding, male is more often available in the pet store. If you decide to keep two chins, two females, a mother and a daughter can get alone well in the same cage. A mother and a son are not a good suggestion of living in the same cage because the son will try to mate his mother within 3 months old. Inbreed will be caused in this case. Two males, in most cases, will not get alone in the same cage easily. They may fight to injuries or possible to death!! Generally, a pair Ė a male and a female Ė will get alone quiet well in most cases. If you decide to keep a colony, if you got a substantially large cage, you can have, as many chins in the same cage as you want. However, no matter how many females you got in a cage, ONE MALE ONLY!!!! Also, two males and two females cannot put in one cage, EVER.

Choosing a chin is very important. You obviously want a healthy, happy, less nervous and calm chin as your pet. Crusts around nose, eyes and ears, watery eyes, nasal discharge, holes in fur, length of incisors, and soft dropping are signs of a ill chin. Also, if one of the chin in a group had a single symptom of disease listed earlier, other chins in that existing group may already have infected one another. If one chin is separate with other and the price of it is relatively cheaper than the other with the same color coat, DONíT BUY IT!! There must be some problem with that chin. Either he/she is older (over ten months), less friendly or ill.

For the price of chinchillas, it just vary on different pet store, chinchilla ranch, and countries. Usually, a standard grey is the least expensive among the other color. However, if the standard grey chin did carry a recessive gene, either violet, ebony, or charcoal, it is possible for those chin to be a expensive. For more information on the pricing, see Chinchilla price around the World.

Chins in pet store usually range to three and six months old. It is hard to tell their age just by looking at their appearance. Bucks will appear smaller than does when they are fully-grown. It is also hard to tell either a chin is a male or female for new born babies. Even very experienced breeder will commonly make mistake on sexing a chin. In the male, there is a very obvious gap between the anus and the penis. When males are still young, his anus and penis are quiet close together, which is why it is hard to tell a young chin either s/he is a male or female. In the female, her anus, vaginal entrance and the orifice of the urethra are quiet close together.

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