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ChinSurvey - Version 2

Last updated at 11/08/98
visitors since 16/07/98.

Please answer all the questions. We will post the result as soon as we got enough answers. Thank You.
Please Note: Please choose the BEST. We tried to make the chooses flexible but...and please excuse our gramma errors. We are not native speakers^^

We will update the version of this survey in every 200 results from now on.  We will add some more questions each time we update it and the old questions will stay.  So, if you had already filled in the survey before, please just fill in the new questions otherwise I won't count.

The result of the first 50 samples has been calculated. Click Here to see.

Name:     Gender:

Your e-mail address:

How many Chinchilla(s) do you have currently:

What is the best thing of owning a chinchilla?

They are easy to keep
Enjoy my life
Lots of fun to watch
They're not allergic to me
Sell their baby for big money
Other: Keep it brief please.

Which color mutant was your FIRST chinchilla?

Black Velvet

Do you usually change your breeding pair?

Yes. To get mutant I want.
No. Too stress for chin.

How do you house your chinchillas?

One pair in one cage.
One male and several females in one cage.
Several males and several females in one cage.

Do you think chinchillas are excessively noisy?

Yes!! Especially at night while I am sleeping.
No. Not really or don't care. Already used to it
Sometimes...not really sure.
If your answer is yes. What do you do about it?

How often do you bathe your chinchillas?

Every 2 days
Every 3 days
Every 4 days
Every 5 days
Every 6 days
Once a Week
Other. Not the above chooses.

How many times did you bring your chin to a vet?

Do you have other pets beside chinchillas living with you?

If yes, please tell us.

Do you give your pet free run time regularly?

No, only if I have time.
If yes, how long is their free run time?

Do you think a chinchilla is a playable pet?

Yes for tamed pet
Sometimes when they are in good mood
No, they're not

Where do you bought your pets usually?

Local pet store
Chinchilla Ranch
From a chinchilla breeder
Adopt from a friend
Once in a while, free

In your opnion, which color mutant do you like the most?


Do you have a wheel for your chinchilla(s) to run on?


If you have had babies before, can you average out the litter size?

1 kit
2 kits
3 kits
4 kits
5 kits
6 kits
7 kits
Then, your largest litter has:

Again, if you have had babies before, if you can remember, please tell us their weights in grams separate by comma.  (Or you may just average out and then give those you remember. ie: the weakest or heaviest one may be.)

ie:  45g, 56g, 75g, 60g, 45g, 40g, 35g, .....and etc.,

What type of feeding program are you using?  (ie: which brand?)


Which type of hay are you using to feed your chinchilla(s)?

Alfafa hay (first or second cutting)
Timothy hay
Mixed with the two
Just hay cube
No hay provided

Did you chinchilla(s) ever get diarrhea?

If yes, what is the very first thing you do about it:

Other: (keep it brief please)

Did you ever experienced chinchilla seisures?

If yes, please tell us how do you deal with it.

How do you treat your pet chinchillas?

They're my family, sons and daughters
They're my friends, can't imagine life without them
They're my straightly my pets, I need to take care of them
They're my merchandises, I sell them for big $
Anything you would like to add on:

Should chinchilla involve in the fur industry?

Absolutely Not! But I'll live with it..

At last, How do you rate our site? (5 is "excellent" and 1 is "oh")


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