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Hi, everyone!!  I'm Mandy, the webmaster of this page. ^^ I know I haven't update for a long time (since January I think), so here's the new look of my page!! ^^ I noticed that the old one is loading very slow and also found it very annoying sometimes so I finally decided to changed it!!  Also the last one has been up for a while thinking may already get bored to it (at least I did :pp)  Hope all you people like it ^^  In the mean time please leave a message in my message board ^_^ Thanks!!!


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Last Update: June 02, 2000
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Our Chinchillas Come and meet our chinchillas, we now have 12!! ^^
Their Babies And see the offspring of them here!  Lots of pictures!!
Their Cages Their Home-Sweet-Home ^0^ 
Our ChinDiary What's is going on with their everyday life??
Their Speech Okay, let THEM introduce themselves to you ^^;;
ChinDay How do them spend a day??  Normally sleep, play and eat.
Picture Gallery Hey~~lots and lots of cute pictures of our chinchillas~~~
Fun Pictures I let you people see them by yourselfe ^_^

Pictures and detailed description. Come and look ^^ Color Mutations
If you want to breed, you should take a look at here. ChinGenetic
Any aspect you want to know about chinchillas ^0^ ChinBook
Tell you where to buy a chinchilla from your local Yellow Page
Tell you what is the newest chinchilla related product. ChinStuff
If you have a chin, come here and join the club!! ChinFriend Club
Want to challenge yourself?  Come here and have a test. ChinTest
Please take some time to complete the survey ChinSurvey
Other useful pet chinchilla related links. ChinLink

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Mandy Kot.

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