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ChinTest  Level Four-Page 1

Multiple Choice. Choose the best answer in each question and then press "I'm Done" after finished all the question.

1. Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of a Costina? ---------
     Corrent Answer:
More nervous compare to Brevicaudata and Lanigera
Smaller in terms of size
Ponty nose and narrower bodied
2. What greatest single reason for failure to crossbreed Brevicaudata and Lanigera? -----------------
     Correct Answer:
Gestation Period
Body size
Lethal gene
3. Which of the following is not true about the structure of chinchilla fur? ----
     Correct Answer:
From each root grows seventy or eighty fine fibres
There is a tuft of superfine fur.
Fleas or lice can live in it.
Have strong guard hairs.
4. Background music for chinchilla can:? -------
     Correct Answer:
make the chins crazy
stabilize the chinchilla's surrounding
help them to sleep and rest in a better mood
help to breed top quality chinchillas
5. Silver white make how many % in the white population? --------
     Correct Answer:

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