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ChinTest   Level Two-Page 1

Multiple Choice. Choose the best answer in each question and then press "I'm Done" after finished all the question.

1. Why people named chinchilla "chinchilla"? --------------------
     Corrent Answer:
It sounds cute!
Named after a person
Came from the country Chili
No clues.
2. Who brought the first chinchilla to North America? ----------
     Correct Answer:
No one. They moved to North America by themselves
Reginald E. Chapman
Mathias F. Chapman
Willard H. George
3. What is unique about an Ebony chinchilla? ---------
     Correct Answer:
Black or brown (Tan) all over including belly
Larger ears and larger eyes
Less nervous and more calm
They don't like raisin
4. In theory, what possibilities will you get from a pair of Hetero Beige? --------
     Correct Answer:
100% Hetero Beige
100% Homo Beige
25% Homo Beige and Standard, 50% Hetero Beige
25% Hetero Beige and Standard, 50% Homo Beige
5. Which is NOT a characteristic of a BV? ----------
     Correct Answer:
All BV cannot be bred together. Lethal factor.
They have white belly
They are recessive color mutants
None of the above

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