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ChinTest   Level One-Page 2

Multiple Choice. Choose the best answer in each question and then press "I'm Done" after finished all the question.

1. Which color mutation have red eyes? ---------------
     Corrent Answer:
2. Which pair of color recommanded NOT to breed because of lethal factor? --------
     Correct Answer:
Standard & Standard
Beige & Beige
Beige & White
Black & Black
3. What is an average life span of a pet chinchilla: -------------
     Correct Answer:
8 to 11
3 to 5
20 to 23
All of the above
4. What is a chinchilla basic diet? ---------------
     Correct Answer:
Chinchilla Pellet, raisin, and water
Chinchilla Pellet, water, and alfafa hay
Any kind of pellet and water
Not specify
5. Which of the following is TRUE about chinchilla? --------
     Correct Answer:
They like hot and humid
They like to play in water
They like to roll in dust
They like meat

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