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         ++ ChinFriend Club Info ++          


Two ways to join this club:
  • Send to me here:
  • Post your pictures at the clip board
  • If you cannot post it there because your pictures exceeds 100K, then please email me the pictures, Thanks(^_^)


I hate rules, but if I don't make them up......I ended up doing more work that is not necessary...
  • I accept any chin pictures no matter what color or what quality of the picture is, no rule with that!!(^_^)
  • I want to say I will only accept "gif" and "jpg" file but.....if you cannot, it's ok, I will do some extra work then...but please try to make it(^_^)
  • Usually, if I got your email(pictures) I will send a reply email to you. If you don't receive a reply from me within like a week or so, please send your pictures again.
  • If you got my reply email, please don't send again or email me and say "update your page" or "put up my picture" because sure I will, please be patient (^_^)
  • Please let me know the chin's name at least..^^;;;;;


Just something about this page you might want to know....nothing really important but just give you a hint if you don't see your pictures up...*sweat drop*
  • I am busy with school work and job and this is not the only web site I am running....but anyway...I will *try* to keep send me more pictures to keep me up!!^o^
  • If you got my reply said I got your pictures, then I have them, and I will put them in the next update for sure....Please check back often (^_^)
  • This member suppose to be in alphabetical order, but I am human, I make mistake, if you found out, please tell me :)
  • For pictures with Unknown, that's mean I lost information of that pictures because of.....I left it out too long and somehow I deleted the message without knowing it...T_T....those people, please contact me!