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h_line.gifPicture Gallery IIIh_line.gif

More and more beautiful chin picture of OUR PETS ONLY.  If you have your pet's picture, we would like you to join our ChinFriend page.   These pictures are all in JPEG format and all of them has been reduced revolution so to make it faster in the network.  Please don't "stop" and "back".  All of them are clickable to view full better version. Please click on them to see their full better version.

chin30.jpg Chin30.jpg
Pui is hiding! Can you find her?

chin31.jpg Chin31.jpg
Here Pui is approx. 4 months old and small enough to put her in a little big. She is very patient here waiting for us to finish with her picture.

BoBo is going to destroy our 3D puzzle!

Let's escape from that "flashing monster"!

chin34.jpg Chin34.jpg
I reccommand you to click on this image to see its full version. BoBo is enjoying his sight here thru the window.

Picture Gallery II

想看更多更多的可愛相片? 請去龍貓的一天