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ChinTest  Level Two-Page 2

Multiple Choice. Choose the best answer in each question and then press "I'm Done" after finished all the question.

1.   What is NOT true about chinchillas eye sight? ---------
     Corrent Answer:
They can see in dark
They can judge distance very well
They cannot see very far away
They are big
2.   There are two generally recongnized species of chin. What are they? -----------------
     Correct Answer:
Brevicaudata and Boliviana
Lanigera and Costina
Costina and Boliviana
Brevicaudata and Lanigera
3.    Which of the following is NOT a characteristics of a Homo Beige? ----
     Correct Answer:
Clear Belly
Creamy beige in their color coat
They cannot be bred together. Lethal factor
They have two beige gene being dominant (present)
4.   If weighed about once every month from mating time onward, a pregnant female should: -------
     Correct Answer:
remain the same weight before mated
show a gain of about an ounce or more
show a gain of no more than 5 kg
None of the above
5.   Why we need to separate the dad and mother after kits are borned? --------
     Correct Answer:
Dad is very annoying
Dad will kill kits
To prevent bred back
To prevent inbreed

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