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GumGum     GumGum   GumGum

Name GumGum
Date of Birth July 1997
Sex Male
Color Homo Ebony
Most Memorable Bad Actitives Jump down from stair with his nose landed first. It hurts...and bleeding!!
Personality Tame, timid, nervous, like to be scratched

Bei    Bei    Bei

Name Bei (come from Bambei - see her unique Black Dot)
Date of Birth September 1997
Sex Female
Color Silver Ebony / White Cross
Most Memorable Bad Actitivies Pushed down a pretty glass from the table and crashed, Made a mass when played with a toliet roll paper...
Personality Tame, 200% active, like to hop around.  The cuttest one among all.
P.S. Bei has die after she had delivered her first litter.  We are sooo sad of losing her. &nbps;So Gum will be keep as single until we can find another beautiful silver like Bei.

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