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Pragnant, sickness, injury, newborn baby, etc....
Here we will record our chinchillas' everyday-life randomly.

Last updated at 02/08/98.

Pui's diarrhea * July 30, 98
Finally, after intenstive treat to deal with Pui's diarrhea, her stool get back to normal!  She have to take three different kind of medicine to deal with the giardia....supplement with apple juice, cranberries juice, catarade with lots of alfafa and timothy hay.  Little pellets.  And now she still need to take the acidphilus but all other is not back to normal.  Thanks God.  But we still need to stay close to her to make sure the diarrhea will not back to Pui.

Pui's Litter * July 22, 98
As you may know, Pui is sick and just weighted approx 425g but this morning, she gave birth a healthy kit!  A big big suprise!!  We already separated her with her mate a long time ago and we will not put her back until she gain back her weight at least 600g.  She is sick and so young, just 7 months old, and so small in size, looks like she is just 4 months old....  We gave her supplement hope she can give enought milk to the kit and have enough energy to take care of the kit.  Is a hetero beige girl (girl again?) so now we have 8 kits in a!  Pui really amazing me....we think we may want to keep this poor thing.  We will post the pics of her together with other new pics.

Bei's Babies * July 19, 98
We don't know when she had mated but we had counted her delivery date should be May 27th, 98.  We had waited for her babies almost 2 months and today, finally, she delivery three healthy kits in this afternoon 2:30 to 4:30.  Bei, the pround mother, is fine.  The babies' father, GumGum, has been separated from them just before Bei is going to deliver.  And this time, we see the whole process!  So we got the right timing to get GumGum out of Bei's cage.  Pictures will post soon so check back....probably this week we don't withing these two weeks, we have 7 kits in total!

Poor Pui again * July 16, 98
We bring her back to the specialist and she did get better.  But the vet said that the labortoary found giradia in Pui's dropping.  This is a parasite.  The vet gave us a medicine and will help the clear up this nasty thing.

Not enough milk from Depi * July 14, 98
It's just not normal for kits fight when they are just a day old, so we guess they do not have enough milk.  They fought terribly and shaking when they are walking.  So we immediately put one of them out and hand feed them individually.  They rejected the first 2 to 3 times but get easier each time so they are fine now.  Since then, we did not see any fight anymore.  We feed them every 3 hours day and night....we can't have a good sleep but we have to do it.

Continuous of Last Diary * July 14, 98
The specialist told us that inside Pui's stomach, there is a hard stool which is causing the diarrhea around that hard stool.  She gave us a list of Pui's diet.  It contains: fresh apple or carrot, alfafa and timothy mixed hay (mix them together...), and two medicines.  No pellets and no dry food.  She hope it may just fresh her and let that mass pass out rather than doing some operation to her.  Then we will go back the day after tomorrow to see how's Pui doing.  We hope this time Pui will really back to normal and get her weight back.  She weighted 450g when she was 3 months old and now she is almost 7 months old, weighted only 400g.....

Poor Pui still Having Diarrhea.. * July 13, 98
Pui had had her diarrhea for almost 3 months.  Sometimes, not very often, she will get better after some special treatment but then she back to her diarrhea again.  We don't know what happen inside her.  We tried all possibilities but useless.  So, we decided to bring her to a vet again (her third time) and the vet told us that when she press and feel Pui's stomache, she can feel a hard mass in her stomach which is not normal...the vet said she can move the mass around and thought that this mass might cause her diarrhea which must be taken out.  The vet send us to a specialist and hope that specialist will have a better idea and knowledge and eqipment to deal with Pui's illness.  We will have an appointment time at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.

Depi's Litter has been Delivered * July 12, 98
This morning at 9, Depi delivered two healthy kits.  Both of them are Violet girls.  They are very healthy and active to run and climb in the cage...She carried the kits for almost 115 days but not gaining much weight.  Before she delivered, she weighted about 760g.  But now, who cares, she had delivered two kits!  We will stay close at them to see if Depi is providing enough milk to the kits because the two little kits frequently fight for milk but not as serious.  We separated Bui from her and will put him back after 3 to 4 days.  Pictures of them will post sooner or later.  So, this week we have three new mothers and four kits borned. ^*^

The Growing Babies * July 10, 98
Every day we get the babies out playing with them and let them have their own little free run so they can get use to our hands.  Both of them are very healthy and had no probelem jumping up and down.  Today we weighted them two.  Faye's daughter weighted about 50g whereas Didi's son weighted 75g eventhough Didi's son is a day younger than her.  But two of them are doing okey, having enough milk, and growing bigger and bigger.  They are different everyday so we are always stay very close at them everyday.  It's lots of fun.  So we are waiting for more babies from Bei and Depi ^^

Didi Did it too! * July 7, 98
116 days (same as Faye)!  We wait for her kits for 116 days and today morning at 10, she delivered her first baby.  It's a beige boy and very active and healthy.  She then deliver another white kit but the poor girl came out dead...we think she already die before Didi pull her out.  We buried her with several raisins and hope she will be happy in the heaven...:-<   Her delivery date should be July 5 days late.  Today is Didi's birthday too!

Faye and OUR FIRST LITTER!!!! * July 6, 98
As you may know, we only expect Bei and Didi to deliver their babies.  But very big suprise, Faye, this morning, has delivered her first litter!  Her delivery date should be July 1st (5 days late) but as we keep weighting her, she did not gain much weight so we thought she did not get pregnant eventhough we found mating plug from her that night.  But today, we found a healthy baby girl inside her cage.  At least now, it's very obvious that she did get pregnant ;-)

DiDi is Going to "Pop"! * June 25, 98
Starting from today, after approx. 6 more days, our DiDi will deliver her first litter.  Yeah!  We saw many kickings in her stomache so we are going to separate her and Zig the next day or so.  It will not be long..;-)  Her delivery date is July 1st.

Zig and mine Birthday! * June 18, 98
Zig is born actually on June 21, but I just want to make his birthday the same day as mine ;-) so we can celebrate together!  He get an extra treat and free run.

DiDi is ready * June 17, 98
After Bei, DiDi is ready to deliver her first litter as well!  Her nipples elongated and are easily find in her fur!  Now, let's sit back and wait for the exciting moment ;-)

BoBo's Nose... * June 3, 98
We are always worry about BoBo because his fur around his nose is falling off.  We finally brought him to vet today (it's expensive!).  No fugus which we expect.  But the vet still can't figure out the reason causing that.  There is nothing in the cage which will grab his fur off while he is sticking his nose out of the cage bar for treat.  Pui, living with him, did the same thing too all the time and as much as him.  We have to observe him more to see if he has some unique behavior.