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Pragnant, sickness, injury, newborn baby, etc....
Here we will record our chinchillas' everyday-life randomly.

Last updated at 12/05/98.

Genetic Changes? * March 29, 98
Tonight, suddenly we found a light grey spot on BoBo's left shoulder! As you know our BoBo is a Pure White and we pretty sure he is. We asked the breeder and he said he may shed off the grey spot when he was fully grown up coz he is now only five months of age...we guess we wait...

Depi this time * March 23, 98
Today Depi, as a 4 1/2 months old Violet female, got pragnant. We found a mating plug in the litter pan! It may be a little too early to let her pragnant but she will be fine we believe.

The revenge of GumGum * March 21, 98
This time is Zig climbing on the top of GumGum's cage and had biten by GumGum through the cage bar. His little left paw was heavily bleeding. We help him to stop the blood and he clean it by himself.

New comers! * March 18,98
We went to the breeder and picked up the Homo Beige female. We called her Poi. We also brought a Pure White male with her to be her mate. He is five months old and we called him BoBo. They are getting alone just fine:-)

DiDi too!! * March 17, 98
We found a mating plug this late evening inside her cage too. We actually witness the mating process. Faye and DiDi are not in the same age but in heat in the same time...hummm..any way her baby will also deliver approx. July 1.

Faye is pragant! * March 16, 98
This morning, we found a mating plug inside Faye's cage. She is pragnant!! She miscaraged once last year so we are taking extra care of her this time to make sure she and her baby are save. We assumed she is going to deliver on July 1.

Bui's left eye * March 12, 98
He had a dust bath this morning and he is okay until we found he scratching his left eye. It's badly scratched. So we brought him to the vet and the vet give us some sort of antibiotic liquid. Three drops per day and he recovered after 4 days.

GumGum and Bei * March 8, 98
Back to Feb 13 we separated GumGum and Bei due to too much fighting. But since the Homo Beige female is coming next week, we need another cage for her. Bei is now pragnant and the father is GumGum so we decided to move her back with GumGum. GumGum followed Bei everywhere and seemed to us that he did not want to lose her they are together now.

Old enough to left mom * March 6, 98
The breeder phoned us that the Homo Beige female we want is now ready to leave her mother and is ready to pick up. We are very excited and we will pick her up on someday next week. We are waiting for her quiet a long time_____.

New wheel * Feb 28, 98
Since then Bui and Depi are having a relatively smaller wheel to run on. It's not big enough for them to fully exercise on it so we bought them a new one. The one which is as big as the others.

Swimming in the Toliet * Feb 26, 98
Today is a chinchillas escaping day. Five of our chins escaped from the chinland during their free run..(no free run tomorrow!!!!!) All the rooms are closed except the one with toliet inside. Of course we found them all inside that room and we also water all over the carpet. My god! Who jump into the toliet! It's not him and her...they are dry...oh it's Faye! Her tail and belly are all wet...and her head is dry. She is okay but we need to clean up the mass she had made

GumGum again * Feb 24, 98
Same thing happen with GumGum on Feb 20., except this time was his right leg. We concluded that Faye just hates GumGum.

Jump down high * Feb 22, 98
They escaped again!!! Unfortunately, GumGum jumped down from the 2nd floor and had his nose land first. So guess what? His nose get hurt. We checked his teeth to make sure there is only his nose bleeding but not his teeth. So his teeth is fine and his nose recovered very soon.

Ahh! My gift! * Feb 21, 98
We always know that chin like to chew and also like to chew on ropes. But we never think of they will destroy our gift from my Japanese friend. It must be Bei or ChungChung coz they just escaped from the chinland and ran into my room to seek for goodies..(i mean the gift)... It's a very thick rope hanging a little frog...and we now left with that frog...: (

During Free Run * Feb 20, 98
While GumGum jumped up on the top of ChunChung and Faye's cage, Faye bite GumGum's left leg through the cage bar. There was blood coming out but we though he is fine. The first aid is to wash his sword always to make it cleaner. Faye does not usually bite others through the cage bar when there is another chin climbing up...(strange..)

Careless owners * Feb 18, 98
All the pellets are finished and we didn't realize that until the pet food supply store that night, they are giving alot of hay (Sorry!)

Bleeding nose * Feb 13, 98
Today, we saw Bei's nose get hurt. A tiny skin is fallen apart. Not a very serious demage but we decided to separate Bei and his boyfriend, GumGum, for they are not get along very well even though Bei is already pragnant...

Right leg's injury * Feb 12, 98
We usually left them in their "ChinLand" to let each to have free run separately. When we just want to see how are they going, we saw blood on the floor! It's Bui....we don't know rather it's hurt by other chins or some sort of nails but luckly it's not very serious.