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Pragnant, sickness, injury, newborn baby, etc....
Here we will record our chinchillas' everyday-life randomly.

Last updated at 06/01/99.
visitors since 16/07/98.

New Boy and Girl^-^ * Jan 06, 99
Yes!!!  Depi had delivered her second litter and of course they are both violet, one male and one female.  They might be borned around 10 not sure since I came back from school and found two cute little furball running around and they have been dried as well....  Pictures will post soon and oh yes they both weighted around 50g so very healthy and active ^^

Happy New Year!!^0^ * Jan 1, 99
Happy New year to all chins and chin owners!!!

We are Not Dreaming!! * Dec 21, 98
Yes, now we have a female Pink White, a male Pink White and a male Standard Grey!  They are all so cute and the proud mother, Didi, is nursing them all right.  They are all very healthy eventhough a little bit small they all weighted approx 50g.  Exam just finished so I will put the pictures up later today or tomorrow.  I will slowly updated this site...

Are we Dreaming?? * Dec 15, 98
One hour later, ANOTHER ONE!!!   This time, it is sure a standard boy.  The second one I am pretty sure now is a Pink White boy.  So now we have No. 12, 13, and 14!  A Pink White girl, a Pink White boy and a standard boy!!!!  Thank You Didi!  I hope they will all be okay since they are quiet small but all wiehted around 50g.  Didi carried these three kits for 119 days!

No! No! No! No! * Dec 15, 98
No! No! No!  Another One!!!!!   And it is a boy!  Didi had two now!!! Hahahahah!! (sorry, a bit out of control ^^`````)An hour after No. 12 had born, Didi delivered another one!   So now we have one girl and one boy ^^  It's still wet now so we can't sure the color of it but I believe it was another Pink White????  Okay, post the details later, I have to study for tomorrow exams so....please come back sooner or later or at least a week later ~~~~~>_<~~~~~~

It's a Girl!!! * Dec 15, 98
Wooooooow, it's a girl and it's a Pink White!!!!!  Last litter, Didi has had a biege boy and a mosaic girl (born dead) and this litter we are expecting a standard....and now, it turned out to be a Pink White!  It should not be a mistake!  Picture will post soon after all of our finals are done.  Please be patient.  I don't know about you people but finals are killing me and after finals, I had promised to build another just be patient. &nbps;But this site abviously will be in the first place to be updated ^^

Zig Separated from Didi * Dec 06, 98
So, it is almost time for Didi to deliver her second litter.  We expect more than one because we weighted her and she is almost 850g.  A lot of kicking and moving inside her stomache so we guess the this week or so she will give birth to babies.  Stay close to the good news!

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