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Pragnant, sickness, injury, newborn baby, etc....
Here we will record our chinchillas' everyday-life randomly.

Last updated at 28/11/98.
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Happy One Month Old * Nov 28, 98
One month old, one month!  Time goes so fast.  No. 11 is already one month old and he is doing fine and growing fast.  He is now weighted approx. 115g.  As the others did, he got his first raisin today and his face said "This is amazing!!  I finally know what I am living for ^^"  Faye also get an extra raisin today ;p

Next Week!!! * Nov 27, 98
Didi will deliver her second litter next week or so and we are so excited ^^.  She is coming out from the sleeping box more frequently as she did when she is going to have her first litter.  And we can see baby inside kicking and moving so they will born soon.  Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!

Escaping Master ^ ^`` * Nov 17, 98
Today morning, we found out Zig and Didi had escaped and they are out the whole night!!!!  Well, guess what, a week ago ChungChung and Faye did the same thing too!  We thought that they are not satisfied their free run....or they just love to give us suprise in the morning to wake us up so we will not fall asleep in class....They are the nautiest pet I have ever had and yet, the cuttest!

It's a Boy!!! * Oct 28, 98
Faye delivered her second while we are at school.  When we came back, we saw a healthy dried standard kit under her.  "He" is weighted approx. 54g and very active.  We are all so excited since we don't expect any litter coming so soon.  This time, ChungChung has been separated so Faye can rest for a while.  Faye is doing well as well.  She had enough milk to provide and doing a very good job as a mother, same as last time.  A boy, a boy, a boy, yeah yeah.......

Pui is Pregnant!! * Oct 27, 98
Mating found!!!  They mated a week after we sure that Pui is 100% recovered from the diarrhea.  Her weight is now around 500g which is very good. (if you still remember, when she have had Pui-Yee, she just weighted around 375g..)  We are looking forward to her second litter and hoping that she will be okay....even though she is coming very strong when she delivered Pui-Yee while she was very sick.  So now, all of our breeding females are pregnant!!!

Faye is Very Pregnant???!!! * Oct 20, 98
Today, as we picked up Faye, we feel something moving inside her stomache and as we keep examined her, we are quiet sure that she is pregnant!!  She gave birth at July 6, 98.  We assumed if she mated immediately after delivery (we didn't know she is pregnant that time so did not brother to move away ChungChung....), her delivery day should be at approx. 111 days after July 6 which is October 24.  When all the things are making sense to us, we separated ChungChung from Faye, organized her cage and ready for her second baby!  We are so excited....a boy or girl...hum....

Bei Jr. and Pui-Yee! * Oct 11, 98
Okay, now No. 7 - Bei Jr. was all alone by herself so we decided to put No. 9 - Pui-Yee in the same cage so to keep them company.  Unfortunately, they fight :(  Not very serious but the next morning, when we came near the cage, Pui-Yee rushed to us seemed like she want to let us know her ear has been beaten by Bei Jr. (Remember?  Pui-Yee is REALLY trust human and very playful to us!)  So we separated them immediately and let them free run together to get familiar at each other and after a few days, they can sleep together already ^^`` I expect we may want to just leave them together and not to breed them....

No. 4 Gone to New Home too! * Oct 11, 98
Why are they going together?  Just some Chinese No. 4 leave in the afternoon as the others are left in the morning.  She left by herself and that's why I am quiet worry about her.  Although her new owner have had a chin male with her but I am quiet worry about if they can get along or not and unfortunately, the male did not want her around him as No. 4 want to play with him.  They are still now in the introduction period and I hope she will be okay afterward.  Since we will keep in touch so we will know what is going on with her and the time when she is pregnant ^ ^

No. 5, 6, & 7 Gone to New Home. * Oct 11, 98
They had gone to new home of our friend.  Yes, they are all going together so nothing to worry.  We gave them a list of things they have to do and watch for and we can see that they are really loving No. 5, 6 & 8 so we are happy they can go to a loving home.  They have name already and I will post it on the Baby page as soon as I have time to update the rest.  We keep in touch frequently and in case if there is anything doubt they will phone me and that's why I prefer to sell to give my babies away thru us and there is no third party involove so we can know their status ^^.  They even promise to bring them here or we can visit them any time we want!

Faye Back to the Raisin! * Oct 7, 98
Finally, this morning I tried to give her raisin, she slowly got it and ate it!  But her droppings still small in size.  She is eating and drinking more now and ChungChung is doing a good job comforting Faye.  It's soooo nice to see this couple kissing each other and they are always together.  I hope she will be okay....I think the reason of depressing most likely is that No. 1 is her first daughter and, Faye gave birth to her first baby when she is a year and a half old....I know and I can feel that she is so care of her baby and we are sad we have to separate them but we have no chose...

Faye is Depressing @_@`` * Oct 3, 98
After No. 1 has gone, Faye is becoming very depressing since her dropping is very very small possible constipation?  She only eat and drink a little and don't even accept raisin.  We try to handle her more and comfort her but she is not as active and happy still.  Didi (No. 2's mother) is fine on the other hand.  If she is emotionally down, the only thing we can do for her is play more with her, give her extra free run so she may forgot the sad thing faster.  You know, time can wash out sadness....but I think she will be okay.  I wonder it is normal or not since I know baby is ready to go as soon as 8 weeks and No. 1 is almost three months.....(may be they already build up some kind of bond that we don't know.....)

Bye Bye No. 1 and 2 ^^; * Oct 1, 98
As No. 1 and 2 is almost three months old, they should leave their mom and us and go for their new owners, new life.  They go to my friends in school which I'm sure her whole family will take a very good care of them.  We give them a list of things they have to look for and I make sure they are comefortable with their new home.  They will mate and have children too.  Opps, don't know their name yet....i think I should ask......^_^``

New Cage!! New Cage!! * Sept 28, 98
There is a new pet equippment and supplies store brand opening near our local so we decide to go and check something out.  Their price is allll below other pet store!!  And we saw a cage made with metal.  So big with three stories and can have a bigger wheel fit inside.  This cage, not only much bigger than those we had, but also much much much cheaper.  No wonder, we bought it cuz we know we are finding cage (temple) for baby girls and boys we may want to keep in the future separately.  Since we are going to keep (maybe) No. 7 and 9, this will be their cage.  Picture of this cage will be posted sooner or later.

All Babies Has Been Reserved. * Sept 22, 98
As the babies are growing bigger and bigger, we have to separate them.  We place ad in school and people phone in and are interested in getting them.  So we meet today at 12 and brougt the babies - No. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8 - with us.  Then, they are all reserved.  Money is not the problem for us we just want to have them a good owner.  I have the right not to sell to anyone who I deem not suitable to them so I'm sure they will all have a good loving home.

Happy 1 Year Arrival! * Sept 19, 98
We had bought Zig for exactly one year.  Time goes fast.  We gave him a cake, which is just a special treat, for him.

No. 9 Where is Your Teeth?? * Sept 11, 98
Pui's daughter, No. 9's teeth is always appear in white color.  As you may know, a healthy chin teeths should be orange or yellow in color.  Today, her incisors has gone and we assume that she is just bumping on something then as the teeth is not that healthy, they fell off.  We, as a bit worry, bought her to vet but the vet has no idea what he is talking about.  He said she is sheding her baby I asked him why others don't he answer me said this is a very good question.....^_^``

No. 1 & No. 2 - 8 weeks old! * Sept 1, 98
8 weeks old!  They are still stay with Faye and Didi but will leave together soon.  They will pair up together and go to a new loving home.  She is one of my classmate and her whole family would love and look forward to have them as part of their life.  They will not leave until my sister had come back...probably at the mid of September.  Pictures of them will post soon.

Didi is Pregnant * Aug 26, 98
Exactly 49 days after she had delivered her first litter - No. 2 - they mated today.  We don't know when they did it but as we heard Zig making his loud warning cry, we went to their cage and found out that Didi has been mated.  Because we found mating plug.  It's strange that last time and this time, after Zig has mated Didi, he will make warning cry. &nbps;May be that's his own way of saying "I'm so happy" ^u^``