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Pragnant, sickness, injury, newborn baby, etc....
Here we will record our chinchillas' everyday-life randomly.

Last updated at 12/05/98.

Pui is Getting Better * May 11, 98
After several days of hand feed...indeed it was not hard to do it since she seems to love the taste of it....she may thought that was just some kind of treat ^ ^ Anyway today we saw her droppings become hard and round, and back to normal again. So we started to giving her pellets again so to see if she is fine.

Pui got Diarrhea! * May 6, 98
Our Pui already got this for about a week so we decided to bring her to the vet. She had no sign of infection or parasite but just need something medicine to stablize her system perhaps. That was not any kind of antibiotic but kind of medicine. We had to hand feed her the medicine twice a day and suprisingly, she seems to like the taste of it ^ ^ We had stopped giving her pellets but only more than enough of hay for her.

Faye's Birthday * April 30, 98
Today is ChunChun and Faye's 1 years old birthday! We gave them a little birthday cake-is a cake indeed;). Same day, this night, BoBo climbed up on Faye's cage. Again, after GumGum, BoBo also has been bitten to bleed. He bleed so much and we do not release him until we are sure his leg had stopped bleeding. He is fine now...

BoBo's Nose * April 23, 98
We don't think it's a fugus because Pui did not affect by him. He is losing a bit fur around his nose but didn't seem to grow back. He is keeping clean and eating well and his mate has no problem. Anyway, we will bring him to the vet if he is getting worse.

Zig as a Great Escape Master * April 12, 98
Zig and Dig escaped from their cage and keep running around in the dinning room over night. The cage's door was closed so we believed that they escaped from the top opening which is not locked properly. They are happy the whole night however we are not. They steal sunflower seeds and Zig left leg had injured. Well, for punishment, they will not get any treat in the next week. Fair enough? ChungChung?

Bui's Whiskers * April 8, 98
Bui and Depi always love each other and get along very well. We don't think Bui's broken whiskers was caused by his mate since we don't see any fighting between them. We assume that it's just something wrong with his health. But the vet said he is fine. We will see how is going with his whiskers.