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A Chin's Day

Last updated at 16/03/98
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blueball.gif8:00 a.m.__________Active Active!!!  Running and hopping around.  When they saw us, they stick their nose out of  the cage bar hoping to get some goods from us and they usually did get a sunflower seed.

Good morning     DiDi getting treats from us
Good morning! Hey, give us raisin!!!

blueball.gif10:00 a.m.___________Chinchillas are only active during dust and night so in daytime, they need to have enough  sleep.   The strange thing appears to us is that the males usually sleep in open area as the femals, most of the time, sleep in hidden places such as sleepbox.

ChungChung is sleeping in open.

Bui and Depi sleeping together    Our Bei loves to sleep in this way

blueball.gif12:00 p.m._________Very sleepy.......but it's time for us to clearn up their cage.  Not everyday, but they will have a  dust bath every two to three days.  Depends on their fur.  We don't give them dust bath on a everyday basic because they seem to scratch alot more of skin dryness...

ChungChung and Faye are having a dust bathe
It's dust. It's dust.....hummmm feel so good :)

blueball.gif4:00 p.m.________In daytime, they are not goint to sleep the whole day.  They get hungry and will half waken up to  have something to eat and drink.  Although they look so sleepy but if we offer them treats, they will be active.....with their eyes half close and eating...

Zig is eating with his ears gone?
I want to sleep but I am hungry....I want to sleep.....I am hungry...

blueball.gif8:00 p.m._________Time for fun!  Time for free run!  Is their active time so it's time to let them have some excerise  except just running on their wheels.  Some of them don't mind to play together but some don't. So we need to split them into two groups and give them free run in different time.

Bui is getting out to have free run
AAAh! Free run is fun for me.

ChungChung and Bei
Hi, see you again. How's going?

Zig is resting in his favorite corner    DiDi is resting after crazy hopping    GumGum too getting tired during his free run and now resting

Chins all time favorite: eating paint off the wall
Eating the paint off the wall

Bei is seeking for goodies
Stealing raisin to eat...

(................)  Hey that's enough!!!   You naughty furballs!  Ok, time to get home (sigh^_^)

blueball.gif10:30 p.m.___________Every time they get back to their cage, we will give them a raisin each as a reward of getting  to their "own" cage by themselves.  So usually, when we get out the raisin and by the time they know (we make sound out of the bottle) we are going to give them goodies, they will,  most of the time, rush back to their cage nicely and wait for their snacks by sticking their nose out of the cage bar.

Faye is getting up hoping to reach her raisin

Don't know why Zig like to get treat from us in this way...

blueball.gif11:00 p.m.___________Usually they will get tired after their free run time so they will rest for a while.  And most often, we will see all of them sleep in their side so we assume that they are very tired ^ ^

Bei is sleeping in her side after free run
Let's have a little rest first..

blueball.gif11:30 p.m.__________After their enough rest, they get active and noisy again (......)

They usually run on their wheel during night time
Running in a wheel is a good excercise for me. Humm..


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