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Pui's First Litter (Born July 22th, 98)

Pui's first litter borned in the 10 o'clock morning.  She weighted just 425 gram just before delivery and weighted 330 gram after delivery. Yes, she is sick during pregency.  It took a very intensive treatment to get her out of the illness (loads of anti-biotics and really rough hand feeding).  She kept loosing weight and then suddenly she gave birth to a healthy kit (we don't know when did she mated)!!  Some individuals could be really tough if they want to survive.
(Please click on picture to see its full better version)

Baby No. 9 A new hetero beige girl.  Borned in the morning.  Just an hour old now weighted 45 gram.
Baby No. 9 Ond day old.
Baby No. 9 Another pic of her.
Baby No. 9 She is soooo gentle in nature!   Don't mind to be held and, love to play around you, walk on to your body and sleep on you!
Sleeping Beauty After she is tired playing around you she will sleep whenever she feels safe and warm like your shoulder.  Can't resist her.
Baby No. 9 Just one week old.
Baby No. 9 She is one of our favorite and we play with her every day...just like others but not as much as her ;-)
Baby No. 9 She is one week old and see how much she weighed?  Just 50 more quiet small for a 1 week old kit.  But she is still very healthy and active!  So she is fine.
Baby No. 9 She already start to chew on hard surface such as this alfafa hay cube.  Babies chew as much as adults and that's normal and healthy.
Baby No. 9 As all babies do, she also love to pick up pine shavings from the litter pan and play with it.
Baby No. 9 Mother and daughter having breakfast together.
Baby No. 9 She is not afraid of any human.  She can even sleep on our hands.
Baby No. 9 3 weeks old.
Baby No. 9 Mother and daughter.
Baby No. 9 Yeah~~one month old.  Ready for your first raisin?
Baby No. 9 Aiya, No. 9 sleeping by herself ^_^``
Baby No. 9 No. 9 is having her little free run.  For babies, we only give them approx 15 minutes and they play all together.
Baby No. 9 No. 9 probably is the first one and only one can taken picture in our backyard because she won't escape and she is so calm with human.

We don't call her No. 9 anymore!   We give her a name that named after Pui, Pui-Yee.  Pui-Yee!  No, we are not lazy of giving her a different name!  Anyway, we are going to keep her (she is so bonded to us) and if you want to see any updated pictures of her please go to Our Chinchilla.

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