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Didi's Second Litter (Born Dec 15th, 98)

Didi's second litter had deliver on Dec 15th, 98.  The first baby borned around 11.  It's a Pink White female, this one is a bit small weighted almost 50g.  Approx one and a half hour later at 1, Didi gave birth another Pink White and this time it is a boy!  This kit weighted 50g as well.  And even more present suprise, one and a half hour later, Didi gave birth her third baby in this litter!  It was a Standard boy!!  This three kits borned after 119 days of the day Didi and Zig mated.  Didi weighted around 850g while she is carrying this litter.  Didi provided enough milk for the kits and she is nursing it very well as an experienced mother ^^
(Please click on picture to see its full better version)

Baby No. 12 No. 12 is borned in the morning 11 and is still wet when we found him with Didi.
Baby No. 12 No. 12 again.  One hour old.
Baby No. 13 Baby No. 13 borned at 1:15.  He is still wet here and some blood....(sorry)
Baby No. 13 Baby No. 13 again, he is a Pink White mixed with a little bit beige so the first time we saw him as he is wet we thought' that he is a beige.....but now it is very obviously he is a Pink White.
Baby No. 14 Baby No. 14 is a standard boy.  You can see at the back that No. 12 and 13 has been dried when No. 14 was borned.
No. 12, 13 & 14 And then now, we have three of them together!  What a present suprise!  Three and two of them are Pink Whites ^^`
No. 12 No. 12 One day old.
No. 12 & 13 No. 12 and 13 are Pink Whites.   No. 13 is a boy and if you look more closely, you will see that there are more beige mixed in his fur.
Baby No. 12,13&14 All of them two days old. ^^
No. 14 Although No. 14 is the youngest brother in this litter but he is the biggest one.  So the size of a baby doesn't always tell you the truth ^^``
Baby No. 12&13 No. 12 and 13 again, two days old.
No. 12 No. 12 one week old weighted around 75g ^0^
No. 13 No. 13, also one week old weighted the same, having a little play.
No. 14 As we had said before, No. 14 is the biggest so he weighted a little bit heavier 80g.
No. 12 playing He/She may be No. 12 ^^;;;We had difficulty to know which is which in this picture...
No. 13 We are sure this is No. 14, one week old.
Three of Them Three of them together! (hey! No. 14 look here pls~~)
No. 13 Just after we let them off, and just before we push the button to take them a good picture, only No. 13 is still looking at the camera...T_T
Three of Them Finally have a good group picture of three of them ~~>_<~~
No. 12 This picture makes me feel that No. 12 here just look like a puppy *_@
No. 12 Sleeping on our arm =)
No. 12 Another one =)
No. 12 Little thing sleeping with a doll...
No. 12 Baby and Simba ^__^
No. 12 Sitting on our arm and eating hay cube!!

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