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Faye's Second Litter (Born October 28th, 98)

Faye's second litter has been deliver at October 28th, 98.   114 days (we assume she got pregnant immediately after she delivered her first litter) after she had mated. She had one standard boy and we call him No. 11 weighted about 50g approx.  He has been reserved by one of our friend already ^^`  He borned in the morning about 8:15.  Faye weighted about 750g during pregency
(Please click on picture to see its full better version)

Baby No. 11 When Faye delivered No. 11, we were at school so after school we rushed back home and saw a dried baby boy!
Baby No. 11 Baby No. 11, about 7 hours old weighted around 50g.  Very healthy and active.
Baby No. 11 Same day at night, less than a day old but already very curious at his new environment ^0^
Baby No. 11 No. 11 want to taste this chinese orange ^^`` way!   No.....we put him there..*0*
Baby No. 11 hum...I wonder how can I get down and......scare them...
Baby No. 11 Please click on the pic so you can see better.  Sometimes we found him there sleeping. ^^
Baby No. 11 Faye: okay my son, be my pillow for a while....zzzz...
Baby No. 11 Yeah, one month old!!  The raisin I had longing for!!  
Baby No. 11 No. 11 is not as tamed as the others and he is quiet nervous to human.  We tried to handle him more as one of our friend want to adopt him and already gave him a name - ChiChi! ^^``

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